Crickets to Jeep

Normally Jeep adventures would consist of wheeling all day through woods, rocks, or a bog. Eating, camping, chatting with friends and sleeping with the sounds of crickets throughout the night. This poor Jeep has been sitting so long the crickets call it home. It doesn’t look too bad but it has seen some better days.

Dropped off on a late summer Friday evening. We where asked if we could bring it back to life. Not knowing really what too expect, I had a quick look at it. It is a 1985 Jeep cj7 Renegade. The Renegade badge was barely noticeable on the hood. It is a fiber glass body or tub with the original metal front clip. The fiber glass tub has a steel body armor kit attached with self tapping screws. It is missing doors but did come with YJ half doors and some soft parts. Engine, tranny, front and rear diffs intact but no drive shafts.

Out back the Jeep was equipped with its on racking for storage and many random parts. It has some new parts, including a new fuel tank. The dash is absent with some sort of angled frame work where the instrument panel once resided. The wiring harness is in a ball on the floor. No seats or carpet. The window frame has considerable rot.

The task at hand is to bring her back to life in a more original form. The owners will enjoy this Jeep for many more years to come. The Jeep couldn’t have arrived a better time. My son Mitch has just finished school. This Jeep will become his first major project. It will surely enhance his skills. It will definitely bring him up a level. More updates to follow as we embark on a Jeep adventure of our own. Looking forward to having my son finally take a more lucrative roll. Tear down, to assembly, to paint, he’s going to learn a lot. Follow along with Crickets to Jeep.

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