Future Race Car

With the push to clean up the air, environment, and to achieve net zero emissions in all aspects of life, what will the future hold for auto racing? Governments around the world are desperately trying to keep global warming at bay. This is going to have a huge impact on our world as we knowContinue reading “Future Race Car”

Crickets to Jeep

Normally Jeep adventures would consist of wheeling all day through woods, rocks, or a bog. Eating, camping, chatting with friends and sleeping with the sounds of crickets throughout the night. This poor Jeep has been sitting so long the crickets call it home. It doesn’t look too bad but it has seen some better days.Continue reading “Crickets to Jeep”

AutoCross Before Covid19

Covid-19 really threw a wrench into everyone’s plans. It was no different here in Southern Ontario, Canada. The 2020 season began with a substantial lock down that pretty much halted life in almost every aspect. The season did get off to a late start mid summer when society began to slowly reopen. We elected toContinue reading “AutoCross Before Covid19”

Welcome to HammerHead Garage…

I’m Gerry Thibeault and I’ve been a car and race nut as long as I can remember. Today we are embarking on our new website and Blog titled “HammerHead Garage”. Here we share stories of what we are working on, designing, fabricating, or restoring. We will also share race and other events we attend andContinue reading “Welcome to HammerHead Garage…”